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The Word Church L.A. in Montebello, CA

The church names and congregants have changed, but we honor the faithful, Christ-exalting work that was started in this community so many years ago.


JANUARY 07, 1923

100 years ago, 45 faithful men and women started a local church that they called First Baptist Church

136 S 7th ST.

The newly formed church completed building their first place of worship in November of 1924.



Even amidst the Great Depression, the church had explosive growth. The Family Center (now gym) was built in the late 30s.

136 S 7th ST.

The original church building was demolished in the early 40’s and the new building was constructed in its place. This is the same building that is still in use by the Word LA people today.



The Sunday School Wing (now school building) was constructed as an addition to accommodate the 3,000 plus attendees/members.
In the 60’s, the Church’s leadership had a vision to establish a Christian School ministry. The Sunday School Wing was converted to a school, and the Family Center into a gym. In 1970, the school launched with just one grade, Kindergarten. As the years went on, the school became accredited, reputable, and the only Christian school in the city of Montebello.



Pastor Sebastian Petz received the call of God to bring his young family to Montebello to strengthen, encourage, equip, and exhort the people of God and to faithfully testify to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The worldwide pandemic may have caused a temporary inability for the congregation to meet in-person, but the church found new ways to continue to worship and to not neglect meeting together–even if it was virtually.



JANUARY 22, 2023

We’re celebrating and commemorating what God has done in and through the Church in 100 years. The Church has been renamed to fit the current and forward focus of the Church and what it means to be in Christ. The name “The WORD” keeps the reality before us that we can only be saved through Jesus, the Word. He’s not “a word”, he is “the Word.” Our church name maintains our emphasis to saturate all that we do with the Bible, the Word of God.

our context in light of the Gospel.


About 58K people in Los Angeles County experience homelessness on any given night.

In L.A., there are people from more than 140 countries (out of 195), speaking 224 languages.

82% of adults in L.A. are either non-evangelical, non-Christian, or Atheist/agnostic.

grace upon grace

God is faithfully using men and women at the Word L.A. to steward his grace to the city of Montebello, the Greater Los Angeles Area, and to the ends of the earth.

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